Omaha and CSCW Preparation

Last week members from the OCDF working groups met in Omaha, Nebraska to discuss the purpose, structure and language of the manifest – now re-named the OCDX (Online Communities Data Exchange). Thanks to some very productive, enthusiastic and brilliant folks, over the course of eight hours we were able to:

Pare down the number of fields
Clarify the purpose of each field
Develop data input standards

Developing a coherent and functional manifest will support future efforts to identify workflows and tools that automate metadata creation.  Before starting these efforts it will be important to test the effectiveness of the manifest. Members from the Metadata and Ontologies working group along with researchers from the Wikimedia Foundation will be hosting a workshop at CSCW at the end of February. We plan to use the workshop to evaluate the OCDX and ascertain whether it can: (1) help researchers identify possible open online community (OOC) datasets and (2) replication (or at least partially replicate) research findings generated through an OOC dataset.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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