Workshop: Advancing the OCDX and Building a Social Computing Infrastructure

Event: Advancing the Open Collaboration Data Exchange: Building a Social Computing Infrastructure
Date: February 26, 2017
Location: Portland, Oregon
Submission Deadline: January 31, 2017

Open online communities (OOC) have emerged as significant drivers of innovation, economic activity, and social well-being. Scholars and practitioners from different disciplines engage in OOC research to build disciplinary understanding that in turn helps citizens successfully manage and grow OOCs. Research contexts are identical, but differences in data and method frequently prevent the development of coherent understandings across disciplines. To forge coherent understandings across disciplines that study OOCs, this day-long workshop is focused on building technical, social, and methodological infrastructure for sharing: 1) data connected to social computing papers, 2) methods and software built to analyze that data, and 3) a common set of ethical practices built to address issues in social computing research.

At CSCW in 2016, OCDF stakeholders piloted a “Wizard of Oz” data interchange manifest file, which has been developed into the Open Collaboration Data eXchange (OCDX). To further prototype the OCDX, this workshop will help engage the CSCW community to: 1) Scale OCDX tooling to improve the production and discovery of data and 2) advance ongoing design and development efforts (which will include a user-need component of the workshop).

To apply to this workshop, submit a brief statement by to outlining:

•  A challenge you encountered working with open, online community data;
•  A short, high level characterization of the research questions you have in open online community research;
•  A description of your technical skills, if any; and
•  Describe how and to what extent you have considered questions of privacy and ethics protecting individuals during research on open online communities.

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