CSCW Collaboration Workshop

Event: CSCW Collaboration Workshop: Bridging the Industry/Academic Divide
Date: March 14, 2014
Location: Vancouver, BC

Open collaboration systems like Wikipedia, Imgur, Zooniverse, StackExchange, and Reddit have shown that networked communities of volunteer contributors can produce and maintain immense, valuable public resources. A growing body of work within the CSCW research community has come to recognize novel opportunities and challenges that openness brings with it. For example, this relates to:

•  Distributed production and the need for quality control
•  Maintaining volunteer motivation to participate
•  Distributing the processes for articulation and governance
•  Community maintenance via socializing newcomers

However, findings from these academic studies do not always permeate the boundaries between scholarship and practice. Furthermore, many important phenomena related to peer production are not yet fully understood. This workshop will focus on characterizing areas of research within the domain of Open Collaboration Systems (OCS’s) where partnerships between academic and industry researchers can both increase our scientific understanding of OCS’s and also support those systems through research. This workshop’s purpose is to bring together researchers on both sides of the “data divide” to identify current challenges and opportunities for future research within these research areas, and to develop a preliminary set of requirements for improved resource sharing and collaboration between OC enterprises and academic research institutions.

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