Events & Workshops

The OCDF sponsors occasional events and workshops in addition to carrying out applied projects. A list of events is available on the event page, which will be updated on a recurring basis. All listed events are intended to encourage community members to collaboratively produce new datasets and/or peruse new avenues for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Open Data Census

A joint effort, the OCDF data census seeks to aggregate public datasets related to social media and online communities. These free data sources are cataloged in an external Wiki and are structured according to an emergent entity relationship diagram. The most recent manifestation of the OCDF data census contains over 120 datasets. In the future, the census will be updated to allow members of the public to utilize, merge, and manipulate resources to promote scholarship. The census itself also provides a learning opportunity for students enrolled at each of the associated coordinating university centers.

A pilot interface for the Census may be found here.

OCDX Manifest

The Open Collaboration Data Exchange, or OCDX, is a manifest of language, properties, tools and methodologies for researchers to study OOCs. Members of the OCDF help to develop this manifest using tools including software for data transformation, transformed data, tools and methods for data analysis, and tools for data visualization.

Version 1.0 of the manifest can be downloaded here. An example JSON file is also available and updated versions are posted to GitHub here.

Third-Party Tools & Resources

A substantial number of non-OCDF resources and tools are available for those who study open online communities. A list of these resources are provided below. Included are tools for Twitter analysis, online project proposals, and visualization resources among other types.


Name Type Location
Page Scraper Scripts & Tools (Facebook) URL
MyBinder Scripts & Tools (GitHub) URL
DiscoverText Analysis (Twitter) URL
Demographics Pro Analysis (Twitter) URL
Node XL Analysis (Twitter) URL
Twitonomy Analysis (Twitter) URL
Rapid Miner Analysis (Twitter) URL
KPI6 Analysis (Twitter) URL
Talend Analysis (Twitter) URL
KNIME Analysis (Twitter) URL
Pentaho Analysis (Twitter) URL
iScience Maps Analysis (Twitter) URL
Nexalogy Analysis (Twitter) URL
Twarc Scripts & Tools (Twitter) URL
For Python Scripts & Tools (Twitter) URL
TwitterR Scripts & Tools (Twitter) URL
Ruby Gem “T” Scripts & Tools (Twitter) URL
WikiDOT Other URL
Visual Catalog Visualization URL
TimeViz Browser Visualization URL